Voice and video over internet, smartphone and landline.

We make software that helps your business to communicate to people.

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Empower your business with a live voice

Whatever you do, wherever you be, you always need to talk to your customers and communicate inside the team. And you probably want to inject some new blood to your products and services. We produce software that helps.

Your business uniqueness needs an unique solution.

Ion Team assistance is a key to voice features.

Voice features available everywhere


No installation. No hassle. Available everywhere. Sounds like a great solution.


Need more power or have some legacy Windows and MacOS native applications? Add voice features easily.


Almost everybody have a smartphone. Empower it with your app and we will add voice.

Mobile Non-installable Apps

Sometimes there's no time to install the application or it is not comfortable to users. We have a solution.

The things you will love us for.

Key benefits and pros.

Award Winning Projects

Check below the recent projects we made and behold that we know how to make successful apps.

Custom Solutions

We produce exactly what you need using our experience, code snippets, and libraries.

License Safety

We strictly check every code line we use to keep License Safety. Nobody will never abuse you because of our code.

Predictable Budget

Our estimate expertise is good enough to predict the project budget with a small gap.

Qualified Engineering

Our team consists of qualified engineers with math background and huge practical experience.

Customer Friendly

We are agile, so we can discuss anything you want to change while the project is in work. Many minor things can be changed without the budget renegotiation.

Our Expertise

The things we do best are the things we do for you.

Web Development

Design custom and good looking graphics, frontend and backend programming.

Native Apps

Windows and MacOS applications using native frameworks or Electron.

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS applications, both native and multiplatform solutions.

WebRTC Enabled

Equip you website, apps, and games with voice/video features.

UI/UX Design

Any website or application should be user friendly, easy to use and looks perfectly.


We produce well-scaling solutions that can handle any plausible load.

The Team

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

Alexey Yakovlev
Web Frontend Developer

Alexey is the guy who is building our awesome interfaces and make them alive.


Roman Yerin
Director, VoIP expert

Roman is the unifying element, that makes us not just a group of people, but the team. He's an experienced software developer and VoIP expert.


Ilya Malyavsky
Desktop Apps Developer

Ilya is a C++ guru, making our native projects so awesome.


Sergey Savanyuk
General Developer

Sergey is a very talented developer with skills in web and general purpose development.


Vladimir Gorelov
DevOps engineer

Highly skilled engineer with a cryptography background. Nobody can defeat his kung fu.


Dmitry Nikiforov
Native Developer

Dmitry is a qualified C++ developer. He helps us building desktop and embeded projects.


Petr Petrygin
UI/UX engineer

If you like our apps and think they are comfortable to use, buy Petr a coffee, this is his job.


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Amazing, unbelievable, perfect.


The hassle less ultimate conferencing solution and a platform with API.


Award winning simultaneous translation cloud product.


Flawless voice communications for stock traders.

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